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    1. Shipping. Shipping cost depends on the service you choose when you place your order. It also depends of the country you want the goods to be delivered. Widgetsheaven sends goods to you from our Warehouse in China. As such, you are IMPORTING. In many countries this means you will be liable for import duties and other taxes. It's YOUR responsibility to find out about this, and YOUR responsibility to pay the taxes/charges on receipt of the items.Any local tax or import duty will be calculated when your goods enter your country: in most cases there is nothing to pay, but if there is, you simply receive a small surcharge bill when you receive the products.
    2. Delivery time can vary a lot per country, but typically is about 10-30 days.
    3. We provide tracking information. After your order is sent out we will send you a tracking number so you can trace the delivery all the way to your door. But you are not the only one watching your delivery progress. Widgetsheaven will also track your delivery actively and act fast to deal with any problems. If there is a delay with your delivery, we'll probably already be working on it before you've noticed.
    4. Widgetsheaven guarantee your products will arrive safely in your destination country. In the unlikely event your package is lost, we will re-send the goods or give you a full refund.


       For more information please visit WidgetsheavenTerms&Conditions.